Stephanie M. Tuthill



When I was 12, I decided to become a lawyer. My own father, a trial lawyer, inspired my decision with his presentation to my seventh grade class on career day. His deep passion for the law has always been both palpable and contagious. I wanted to feel that same way.

I never revisited that decision and luckily, in law school, my heart’s desire coincided with some actual talent. For reasons probably known only to my Maker, my brain lends itself especially to tax analysis, and so I found myself a tax lawyer.

Right out of law school, I went to work in the tax department of Holme Roberts & Owen (then a venerable Denver firm, now, sadly, a remnant of Denver’s history). I spent the next 22 years there, under the tutelage of the finest tax and estate planning lawyers in the Rocky Mountains. HRO added experience to my enthusiasm, intellect and education. HRO also added real, live (and some deceased) clients to the mix and I emerged a practicing lawyer. At HRO, I learned that honor in the profession lies only in using my knowledge and skills to solve people’s problems. Happily, working with families and charities at HRO, I also discovered that I am, as the saying goes, “good with people,” and narrowly avoided becoming (only) a tax nerd.

My partner, Michelle Rose-Hughes, and I, founded Tuthill & Hughes in 2007. Here, in a personalized, boutique setting, I help individuals transfer the fruits and wisdom of their life’s work, and I help charities deploy their resources to the world’s greater needs.

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