Diana Metz Argüello



I joined Tuthill & Hughes as a legal executive assistant in Fall 2022. After graduating from Northwestern University in 2020 amidst the pandemic, I spent my first year after school working remotely for a boutique hotel in Ometepe, Nicaragua as their marketing specialist. In the meantime, in the capital city of Managua, I founded my own non-profit legal organization, which was geared towards providing underprivileged women with legal education and assistance.

After 2021, I moved to Denver to pursue a more active role in the professional legal environment. Tuthill & Hughes is the first estate planning firm I have worked at, but I have previous experience in the intellectual property sector, as well as housing, immigration and business law. I truly enjoy the opportunity that T&H offers me to connect with our clients and make a meaningful difference in their lives on a daily basis.

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